PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Co-Promote or Partnership Initiative Silver Winner The Ad Council and Real Chemistry

“Real Chemistry Partners with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to Engage Healthcare Providers and Boost COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence” (The Ad Council, Real Chemistry)

In December 2020, only 63% of HCPs said they would take the COVID-19 vaccine once it was offered. They themselves had questions about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy. The Ad Council partnered with the CDC, healthcare organizations, and Real Chemistry to increase HCP confidence in the vaccine.

The team devised an omni-channel campaign across CRM, paid, earned, social, and owned channels targeted at front-line HCPs.

The team activated HCP spokespeople to address trends, provided story angles to media outlets, targeted influencers, and supplied up-to-the-minute content about vaccine safety, availability, cost, and other pertinent information. A social component offered content templates and video to medical trades.

The campaign garnered: 60K+ engagements/video views, 2M impressions, $250K in donated media, 41M earned media reach, and four waves of emails, in partnership with DMD, that had a 27.4% email open rate—reaching 1.4M HCPs 4x. All of these efforts resulted in a +14% increase in HCPs willing to take the vaccine.


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