PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Data/Analytics Initiative Gold Winner EVERSANA


Rare disease patients spend an average of seven years seeking a diagnosis. While naming a disease is the first step, patients then face a daunting healthcare journey full of trial, error, and more questions than answers.

EVERSANA is harnessing the power of data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities to simplify and expedite the rare disease patient’s road to diagnosis. With advanced technologies that produce both real-world data and sophisticated real-world evidence, life sciences companies are able to fill in the gaps of each patient’s story while providing physicians with tools to practice precise, individualized patient care.

ACTICS by EVERSANA is the premier, cloud-enabled technology. It leverages proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to predict events throughout the patient journey to inform targeted actions and outcomes and ultimately, affect ways that life sciences companies support both patients and providers.

The insights that drive product innovation and value come from EVERSANA’s vast library of data sources including access to 80 million de-identified electronic medical records.

Since launching the platform, ACTICS has enabled stakeholders to conduct regulatory-grade research studies, generate evidence, and provide data-driven insight to improve chronic, comorbid patient experiences. In just the first quarter of 2021, EVERSANA generated more than 1,400 cohorts of patients across all of its linked data assets, providing clients with robust market analyses in mere minutes with no code required.

Thanks to this technology solution, EVERSANA is helping life sciences companies connect the right data to clinical trials and gain a deeper understanding for patient needs while driving brand success.


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