PM360 2021 Innovative Division Perfect Storm Health of BBD Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm Health

BBD Perfect Storm

Nick Dutnall, Managing Partner

Earlier this year, BBD Perfect Storm, the independent, UK-based, brand and cultural transformation company launched a health division. Perfect Storm’s mission “to build and grow brands from which the world benefits” lends itself perfectly to the health category as does the company’s expertise in transformation.

The division will be led by Nick Dutnall and will be at the forefront of helping health clients prepare themselves for the future of healthcare by creating customer-centric, service-led, emotive communications. Their focus will be on helping clients to rehumanize their approach in order to help make real human connections with their audiences.

Typically, in healthcare, technological advancements and digital innovation are at the heart of all communications leading with data and cost effectiveness. While Perfect Storm Health is fully behind the need for innovation and recognizes how important clinical and cost-effective arguments are, the agency will also guide their clients to see that this should be in balance with a more human approach. Equally, they argue that hiding behind health titles and specialisms is a thing of the past and that modern healthcare communications speak to the person not the position. This means that we no longer need to focus on B2B or B2C methodologies, but rather all communications should adopt a human-to-human, or H2H, approach.

Our health is personal, and healthcare institutions often need reminding of the importance of the human element of the care they provide. Additionally, marketers must also see healthcare professionals and non-clinical decision makers as humans too. The future of healthcare is full of innovation. The future of healthcare communication is serving up that innovation in as human a way as possible.


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