PM360 2019 Innovative Product Better Day With RA from Omnicom Health Group

Better Day With RA

Omnicom Health Group

David Madapur, Director, Project Management  

Today, patients are constantly seeking efficient ways to impact their health. And healthcare companies want to help. So, it’s no surprise that emerging technologies, especially voice, are discussed with hype and gusto. But they often don’t deliver the stickiness that either party desires. Omnicom Health Group is committed to creating purposeful and groundbreaking experiences that combine voice, data, and artificial intelligence to help change the lives of patients.

Omnicom Health Group recently put an effort together for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). And they did this on their own time, with no client backing. To create a rich experience, they brought together multiple agencies—Patients & Purpose, WildType, and TBWA\WorldHealth. Together, they sought to turn a difficult day for the RA patient into a good day, and good days into even better days. The agencies worked to develop the Better Day with RA Amazon Alexa skill. Through Better Day with RA, patients can quickly engage with critical information to manage their condition, including an arthritis index that predicts joint pain based on local weather conditions. The skill provides personalized activity tips based on the day’s arthritis index, RA-friendly recipes, instructional videos, and smart home integrations.

A challenge for Alexa skills is to get users to consistently use the skill. Omnicom Health Group created opportunities for the user to keep coming back for the much-desired daily RA Index. The Better Day with RA Alexa skill is intended to be integrated into the everyday patient experience. The skill was designed in May 2019 and is still working its way to market.


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