PM360 2019 Innovative Product ByTarget from CMI/Compas



Justin Freid, EVP, Growth & Innovation

It’s the pharma marketer’s holy grail: People-based targeting that integrates consumer and HCP audiences. CMI/Compas’ ByTarget offering does just that, and it is revolutionizing pharma campaigns.

For many years CMI/Compas has led the industry in individualized connections to HCPs with its proprietary ByDoctor platform, and recently started doing the same for consumer/patient audiences with the launch of ByConsumer. Now with ByTarget, which houses both ByConsumer and ByDoctor, CMI/Compas is closing the loop on integrated consumer/HCP messaging, making every campaign more effective.

A key part of the launch was the simultaneous launch of its ByConsumer platform, the health industry’s first, conclusive, people-based media planning platform. Through ByConsumer, clients can identify consumer audiences using behavioral, consent data attributes such as demographics, health conditions, lifestyle, health, and non-health behaviors; deliver segment-specific relevant messaging and creative; plan media based on channel preferences; and measure impact at the campaign, channel, and vehicle level—down to the individual consumer against business objectives.

One example of the success of using the ByTarget offerings involves an oncology brand that was in market for two years, but patient adoption was lagging. By using proprietary ByConsumer research, the brand was able to layer patient personas and high-indexing consumer signals to create a custom patient audience, not based on direct disease state targeting but rather on the likelihood of exposure. Then ByDoctor was able to determine the most valuable high-writing HCPs to improve probability of patients requesting a switch in their treatment. CMI/Compas then prioritized the campaign to specific zip codes by matching the brand’s HCP target list to potential patient locations. And after just two weeks of launching the campaign, 70% of the audience had been reached.


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