PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Pain/Inflammation Brand Champion Matteo Trotta

Matteo Trotta, Head of Marketing, Rheumatology PsA, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Matteo Trotta has steadily climbed the ladder at Novartis by embodying what it means to be a leader. He brought his experience from working in strategy for the U.S. Country President of Novartis at the time, to prepare the launch and shape the medical education platform for the Cosentyx team. From there, he designed a new Cosentyx HCP promotional platform to pre-position Cosentyx against competitive entrants. He then moved up to lead the PsA Rheumatology team as Head of Marketing.

Cosentyx was faced with four new competitors coming to the market all around the same time (Taltz, Xeljanz, Orencia, and Simponi Aria). Matteo worked to increase medical engagement early on in the development of messages and materials for PsA, as well as to preempt the competitors entering the market landscape with proactive Cosentyx messaging that stole their thunder.

For instance, Cosentyx messaging focused on enthesitis, which no one else was talking about, in order to shine a light on a debilitating aspect of PsA that often goes unnoticed. The team also raised the bar with ACR scores rheumatologists expect. And they created awareness of the competitive patient acquisition trends in the PsA landscape.

As a result of Matteo’s leadership, Cosentyx Rheumatology has become the leader in new patient acquisition less than one year from the launch of PsA, overcoming category giants Enbrel and Humira. And, the brand is on track to deliver historic sales and profitability results for the company, prompting the Novartis Global CEO—in his communications to the investment community—to characterize the U.S. uptake in rheumatology as one of the best in the history of the company.


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