PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Rare Diseases Brand Champion Bonnie Ben-Shmuel

Bonnie Ben-Shmuel, Director, Planning and Innovation, Pfizer Rare Disease

In her role at Pfizer, Bonnie Ben-Shmuel is responsible for identifying and developing digital, social, and technology solutions that support the rare disease patient community. But, she has done much more than that: During her time in rare diseases, Bonnie has been responsible for launching several “Pfizer First” programs. This required Bonnie to lead cross-functional teams and to educate Pfizer Medical, Legal, and Regulatory colleagues on the technology and platform.

For example, she led the strategy and development of social media-focused initiatives designed to work together across multiple social media platforms with the goal of raising awareness of serogroup B meningococcal (MenB). This included branded and unbranded content that worked in concert to raise awareness of this rare but deadly disease. The program was incorporated into the brand marketing mix model and drove a positive ROI for Pfizer and also resulted in more teens and young adults protected from MenB.

She also led the strategy and development of the HemMobile app and wearable. Launched in 2017, the wearable device was added to the already successful HemMobile mobile app—the first of its kind for people with hemophilia. It allows people with hemophilia to track bleeds, medication adherence, and activity levels—all of which are important to properly managing this rare disease. It also helps to ensure that patients are able to have a meaningful dialog with their healthcare provider.

Bonnie continues to explore new technologies and how they can help rare disease patients. Currently, she is working on projects focused on leveraging voice technology to improve patient support.


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