PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Diabetes/Metabolic Disorders Brand Champion Stephanie Wenstrup

Stephanie Wenstrup, Sr. Director, Aesthetics Marketing, Endo Pharmaceuticals

Brand awareness in pharma can be hard enough when you consider the difficulty of remembering some of the brand names out there. It is even harder to stand out in a crowded market like the one for type 2 diabetes with 12 classes and more than 60 approved medications making similar efficacy claims. While leading all aspects of 2018 Farxiga DTC marketing, Stephanie Wenstrup solved both of those challenges, while the Marketing Director, Cardiovascular and Metabolics at AstraZeneca, with a campaign using “f” words and the mnemonic “The Pill that starts with F.”

While brand tracking showed that this mnemonic helped increase brand linkage, Stephanie took things even further by creating a social ecosystem to drive Farxiga engagement. This ecosystem provides a way for patients to engage with the brand and each other in an authentic way. Conversations happened organically, and the brand frequently saw triple-digit comments and shares on posts.

Under Stephanie’s leadership, Farxiga also became the first pharmaceutical brand to ever appear in Instagram Stories, leading the way in breaking down traditional industry norms. She also helped produce the first short-form ad for new “snackable” video buys on YouTube and Facebook. These were reminder ads which contained no ISI or disclaimers, also unique for the pharma space. The goal of these videos was to use fun and engaging content to drive brand awareness and lead consumers to to learn more about the brand.

That is exactly what happened. The Facebook campaign drove 100K+ visits to in the first three months. “Year to date,” the “snackable” videos delivered a 91% completion rate across YouTube. In all, after three months of being in market with “The Pill that starts with F” campaign, brand awareness increased by six points.


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