PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Diversity/Multicultural Brand Champion Betty Webb

Betty Webb, Manager, Patient Marketing & Digital Health Innovation, Novo Nordisk

In the diabetes category, where over 40% of the total share of U.S. patients are Hispanic and African American, it would make sense to focus considerable marketing efforts on those population segments. More often than not, however, they are left without adequate support in many categories across the industry, and diabetes is no exception. Evolving an organization’s traditional marketing mix to do more for these patients would take persistence, passion, and savvy, but Betty Webb was up for the challenge.

As Manager of Patient Marketing & Digital Health Innovation at Novo Nordisk, Betty heads up the award-winning, multichannel diabetes patient support program, Cornerstones4Care. One of her focus areas is the U.S. Hispanic market—also the fastest-growing group of diabetes patients in the country—and bringing the same innovations that put C4C on the map in the general market to this undertreated and underserved patient segment. Betty worked to relaunch Cornerstones4Care en Español, emphasizing the development of culturally relevant strategy, messaging, and creative, and extending the offer of comprehensive C4C support to Hispanic patients for the first time. While much of the industry deprioritizes multicultural marketing, and many brands’ Spanish resources are little more than straight translations of English content, Betty pushed for more.

The result is a customized patient experience with the same bells and whistles as its English counterpart, developed in Spanish from the ground up: Live and virtual health coaching, CRM, patient education, and interactive tools. Betty is also focusing on point-of-care, mobile, and multimedia, where Hispanic patients are most engaged.

With Betty leading the way, C4C is heading toward a more diverse—and very bright—future, indeed.


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