Veeva Announces Three New Products

At the Veeva Global Customer Summit, which recently concluded in Philadelphia, the founder, president and CEO, Peter Gassner, announced the launch of three new products. The first product combines healthcare professional, healthcare organization and affiliations data with software and data stewardship services all bundled into one solution. The second product is the Veeva CRM Approved Email Application. Released this month, Giant Healthcare Advertising and Draftfcb Healthcare are among the early investors in the product. The email application is said to increase the productivity of field reps in life sciences by enabling them to compliantly and cost-effectively email approved content directly to customers. The third product announced is a new mobile CRM and closed-loop marketing solution built specifically to run on the touch-screen-ready Windows 8 operating system. Veeva Network is the industry’s first complete, cloud-based computer master solution.

Precision Health Media and Spongecell Partner

A leading source for digital health media, Precision Health Media (PHM), and Spongecell, a leader in interactive advertising solutions, partnered to create an online video-ad solution for pharmaceutical companies. Precision Health’s new video channel aims to enable marketers to pair the reach of PHM and its laser-targeted ConditionMatch technology with easy-to-build Spongecell ad units. With the combined technologies, pharma brands are said to have the ability to leverage their TV campaigns and other video assets to deliver scale in contextually relevant environments online to help increase brand awareness.

Knipper Acquires Sample Management Business from inVentiv Health

J. Knipper and Company Inc. announced that they have acquired the inVentiv Health MySTRO Sample Management and Fulfillment business, including their regulatory, compliance, sample accountability and fulfillment services. With this acquisition, J. Knipper and Company, a leader in developing and delivering smart, effective, and efficient commercial solutions to the healthcare community, becomes the largest end-to-end pharmaceutical samples management service provider in the U.S. The acquisition represents collaboration between the two companies to offer their respective core services and an integrated account management approach to shared customers. It will allow Knipper to offer sample management and fulfillment services in support of inVentiv Health Selling Solutions Representatives, while inVentiv Health will offer its tele-detailing services to Knipper’s Multi- Channel Programs.

Practice Fusion Launches Patient Fusion

Called the nation’s largest doctor appointment booking site, Practice Fusion recently launched the new site, Patient Fusion, which gives patients access to the calendars of more than 27,000 doctors in the U.S. Patients can find doctors based on location and specialty, read reviews from other patients and request appointments instantly. Since these doctors are already users of Practice Fusion’s free electronic health record (EHR) system, patients can now also easily access their personal health records online.

Prolifiq Launches New Application for Sales Reps

Adding to its Dialog Management Platform, Prolifiq launched a new application, CONNECT. It is said to allow field representatives to identify, find, and connect specialists with healthcare providers via chat, voice, video and screen sharing—immediately, efficiently and compliantly. CONNECT provides specialist notification management and pre-call inquiry details, allowing users to prepare for the conversation. CONNECT also establishes real-time, secure, compliant digital communications that sales reps can use to direct customers’ medical queries and strengthen face-to-face relationships.

Actress Sofia Vergara Supports “Follow the Script” Campaign

Emmy-nominated actress Sofia Vergara is doing her bit to raise awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, a thyroid condition that affects millions of Americans. In a new campaign made possible by AbbVie, called “Follow the Script,” the actress aims to help educate individuals with hypothyroidism about being consistent with their prescribed treatment. It also provides a “script” to ensure patients regularly receive the medication prescribed by their doctors when they visit the pharmacy. Sofia Vergara was diagnosed with the disease in 2000 and underwent surgery to have her thyroid removed. Today, Vergara says she follows the script to ensure that she gets exactly what her doctor prescribes for treatment.

 Pfizer Aims to Curb Counterfeit Viagra

In an effort to curb counterfeit versions of its erectile dysfunction (ED) medication from being sold through non-reputable online sources, Pfizer announced that it will begin selling its medication online. The company is creating a new website designed to offer patients a trusted online source to purchase the product. The website will be managed by CVS Caremark. Only patients with a prescription will be able to buy the medication online.

GSW Launches Health Experience Project

An inVentiv Health Company, GSW announced the launch of its new Health Experience Project (HxP). The program is aimed at bringing to light positive stories of patients and physicians, including prominent healthcare pioneers. With a focus on finding new approaches and best practices, content on the website will include inspirational pieces about doctors getting their patients to follow a healthier lifestyle and take control of their health.

Takeda to Acquire Inviragen, Inc.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited acquired Inviragen, a privately held pharmaceutical company, for an upfront payment of $35 million and future payments of up to $215 million linked to the progress made in clinical development and achievement of key commercial milestones. This acquisition has some key strategic benefits which enables Takeda to develop a highly promising vaccine against dengue, helps grow Takeda’s product pipeline with vaccines that help protect against HFMD and chikungunya, expand Takeda’s technical capabilities, and contribute to the company’s overall research and development programs.

GenomeDX Biosciences Launches UroSketch 3D

GenomeDX Biosciences announced the launch of their free urology patient consult application, UroSketch 3D, designed for use on the iPad. The application, now available in Apple’s App Store, provides a 3D model of the prostate, bladder and surrounding organs for use by physicians during their consultation with patients. The app was developed in collaboration with Conquer Mobile and a panel of urologists.


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