Fitness Trends 2020: Get Fit Your Way

New Year fitness resolutions may be nothing new, but how people get in shape will look quite different in 2020. Mobile and digital fitness are taking over as people demand fast, optimal results that fit into a busy lifestyle. Check out these exercise trends to find what will work for you this year.

Digital Training: While fitness tracking apps have been popular for some time now, 2020 will usher in a phase of more advanced, personalized training available on your smartphone. Apps like PT Distinction will connect clients with their real-life personal trainers 24/7 so they can stay on track even while away or when they don’t want to pay for an in-person session. For those looking for a less expensive commitment, apps like The Sculpt Society charge a monthly subscription fee to connect you with a trainer’s program—much like going to a fitness class, but from the comfort of your home or while traveling.

Community Exercise: We may be adults with busy schedules, but who doesn’t want to get out and play every now and then? Apps and sites are now connecting like-minded people in the community who are trying to find time to get a team together and play a round of soccer or enjoy a yoga session outdoors. Do a quick Google search in your area to find others who are committed to getting fit while having fun.

Fitness From The Future: Interested in the highest tech workout available? The boutique fitness center, Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, calls itself the first “human upgrade center.” The company uses tech like Atmospheric Cell Training Pods to allegedly workout your cellular energy system and The Vibe, the company claims, can provide a full workout in minutes by vibrating your body’s muscle cells. This is the perfect place for those who want to step into a sci-fi body, no matter the price.

Fitness Streaming: Peloton has become all the rage with the spin classes you can follow from your bike at home. Other companies, like FiiT, are joining the class-streaming revolution. Unlike the exercise tapes of old, these services use wearable fitness trackers that put your real-time stats on screen, keeping you on track and fully interacting with the video. Not only is it a great way to engage in a true fitness regime without place and time commitments, but monthly subscriptions are often a cheaper option than in-person classes.

Mind Over Body: With all these intense fitness options, it may start to feel overwhelming to be your best physical self! Luckily, you’ll see many people in 2020 who value a healthy relationship between body and mind just as much as a sweat session. Tune into helpful meditation apps like Smiling Mind or look for a meditation class near you to chill your mind as you sculpt your body.


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