Exceeding All Expectations—the 2015 Pharma Choice Awards Winners!

Groundbreaking. Creative. Awe-inspiring. These qualities define our 7th Annual Pharma Choice Awards Winners—those campaigns that you, our readers, chose as exemplifying the most head-turning healthcare work of 2015. As well over 6,000 votes were cast to select the 39 winners in 13 separate categories, the enthusiasm was palpable. We, at PM360, are excited to present the work of those who exceeded all expectations. As you may have seen, our cover features the top three overall vote getters, irrespective of category, but to see all of this year’s winners click here. Take a look at what your colleagues and competitors have accomplished, find inspiration and even the motivation to push your own campaigns forward.

As our winners demonstrate, it’s ever more important to keep learning and adapting—and especially necessary since the ACA turned the pharma marketing world upside down. They show the willingness and dedication to meet the challenges—finding new ways of connecting with patients, physicians and all healthcare stakeholders to meet their needs. Finding new ways to gain deeper insight, to pinpoint marketing and streamline healthcare, while connecting patients and physicians through innovative technologies designed to improve, manage and maintain health. These marketers are truly reinventing the industry.

But to understand just how much the ACA has altered pharma, read our feature, The ACA’s Impact—Five Years Out. Author Michele Andrews, EVP, Payer Strategies, Ogilvy Healthworld Payer Marketing, delves into the challenges marketers and companies face as the ACA continues to unfold, and offers insights, advice and strategies to achieve success.

And realizing success will mean breaking barriers to create the right partnerships to meet new demands. It will take the right tools, deep data analysis and in-depth understanding to stay relevant and profitable in an environment that expects more. See our PM360 Circle of Excellence: The Future of Healthcare Marketing. Six of the industry’s sharpest minds share exactly what is changing, where marketers need to go and how to get there. You won’t want to miss it.

Finally, with 2016 upon us, we wish all of our readers a very happy, successful, creative and innovative New Year!


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