ELITE Data Miner Jane Urban of Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

Jane Urban

Lead, Specialty Decision Support and Reporting

Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.


Revamping Internal Data Operations

“Jane Urban has been instrumental in building essential business analytics capabilities for the Specialty Business Unit at Takeda,” explains David Davidovic, President at pathForward. “She performed a comprehensive assessment of data, systems, and architecture requirements, and developed a benchmarked organizational design and investment plans.”

As Jane tells it, she started at Takeda last summer and found many in the company either had mistrust or a lack of confidence in the data being collected and used for reporting sales performance in her commercial group. So she started an investigation to better understand that lack of trust. The result, as you would imagine, wasn’t just a single silver bullet, but a lot of things.

To start building back trust, Jane wanted to get people excited about data. Along with her team, they launched an internal campaign, including videos with the head of the sales team, addressing the issues some people were having with the data. Then her team attacked the processing issues. One of the things they discovered was that some of the processes weren’t working correctly due to poor business rule decisions resulting from a lack of knowledge about specialty. They worked with their internal IT department as well as outside data experts and vendor companies to clean up those processes and ensure they were better set up for a specialty business.

Finally, Jane and her team gave the system a facelift—changing how it was navigated and how information was presented. The goal: Make it more consumer friendly much like sites such as Amazon, Mint, or even fantasy football. For instance, the team added a revamped tool to allow reps to see how they are doing compared to competitors.

The changes have only been in effect for about three months, but already Jane is seeing a positive effect.

“I’ve gotten an outpouring of really positive feedback across the whole sales force,” Jane explains. “And the senior leadership has really noticed the change in attitude around our data. I’m hearing it in the language people use as they say the data’s really getting better and that they are able to use the data to really make good decisions.”


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