ELITE Leader of the Future Michelle Petroff of Fingerpaint

Michelle Petroff

SVP, Account Service and Operations




A Steady, Calm Catalyst

The world of pharmaceutical marketing can be incredibly hectic: Launch timelines get crunched and deadlines are almost always advanced. Michelle Petroff is the calm in this storm: She never falters, always delivers, and along the way remembers that advertising is a team sport.

A natural decoder of information, Michelle can cut through the clutter to identify the core factors that determine a brand’s success—and she relishes the opportunity to create solutions others don’t find easily. Michelle’s career has spanned both the client and agency side of marketing, which gives her a special ability to take a customer-centric approach and connect the dots between adding value to the customer’s brand experience and what ultimately drives demand and brand success.

At Fingerpaint, Michelle led the development of a groundbreaking disease awareness program for the agency’s largest client. This educational program was a true partnership between industry and healthcare professionals and due to its carefully planned execution, allowed for sharing of authentic, peer generated-content within the regulatory boundaries of industry. The unique program was highly successful and respected during its duration and paved the way for others to replicate its approach.

“Michelle is one of our most innovative thinkers and is incredibly strong in terms of providing unique solutions to clients,” says Andy Pyfer, Fingerpaint Co-founder and Villanova General Manager. “She has spearheaded and launched numerous successful campaigns that have helped drive brand performance beyond expectations.”

Earlier in her career, Michelle managed a client with a blockbuster pharmaceutical brand: Sales in excess of $1 billion and an A&P spend of over $60 million. She was rapidly promoted within the organization at a very early-career stage.

Michelle leads by example, motivates others to exceed expectations, and services clients with an unparalleled personalized touch. “She is extremely effective in understanding what motivates people and what drives them to make decisions and perform at a high level,” says Pyfer. “When you combine her leadership skills and expertise in marketing, you have a force to be reckoned with—and our employees and clients feel this on a daily basis.”


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