ELITE Entrepreneur William King of Zephyr Health

William King

Founder, Executive Chairman

 Zephyr Health


Delivering Big Insight

A passion for healthcare has propelled William King for most of his life. Having witnessed a sibling struggle with type 1 diabetes at a young age, William’s life trajectory brought him to J&J, where he held global positions in sales, marketing, training, and strategy. But in 2009, as Big Data debuted, William’s interest piqued—yet he was bewildered. J&J was purchasing and producing vast amounts of data critical to business decision-making, but it was unstructured, and took time, people, and money to understand and apply it.

William realized that since 80% of health data was unstructured, the obstacle to better care wasn’t about getting even more data, but instead, managing data successfully by creating connections and extracting insights. Without that, too much healthcare industry opportunity was left on the table—ultimately impacting the patient it works so hard to help. William grasped that more than 50% of products launched would achieve only half their sales forecast due to inaccurate, outdated, or disconnected data. He was determined to find a solution.

In 2011, William saw a path and founded Zephyr Health to help life sciences companies find better ways to engage the right physicians and institutions and connect their drugs, diagnostics, or medical devices to their patients through efficient use of global health data and predictive insights based on this data. And although the company began as a Big Data and analytics solution, it also uses a unique combination of patented, machine learning algorithms that create recommendations based on global health data from every major treatment area using thousands of connected data sources. Its partnerships with Veeva and DRG, along with its Zephyr Illuminate™ platform’s evolving capabilities, make the key recommendations that allow biopharma companies to answer questions before they are asked, and enable AI to become a reality in all aspects of healthcare.

Today, Zephyr Health is the only provider within the life sciences industry offering an enterprise, end-to-end solution that includes connected global health data, machine-learning based capabilities, and faster time-to-insights with cloud-based software—and is now the leading Insights-as-a-Service company for an industry it is single-handedly transforming.


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