ELITE Tech-Know Geek Transon Nguyen of Notable Labs

Transon Nguyen

Lead Engineer

Notable Labs

Automate Everything!

Transon Nguyen is on a mission to automate cancer screening. And with degrees in biomedical engineering from UC Irvine and mechanical engineering from MIT, he is well equipped for the role. As the Lead Engineer of Notable Labs, Transon puts his unique skillset to work every day as he leads the development of the robotic workcell at the core of the company’s high-throughput screening process.

Notable screens thousands of combinations of FDA-approved drugs against a patient’s own cancer cells and helps identify drug combinations for each individual patient that can be prescribed by their oncologist. And Transon’s role is key to the company’s goal to change the way cancer is treated. By working to make their lab one of the most technologically advanced high-throughput labs, Transon directly impacts the company’s ability to identify better treatments for cancer patients faster—much faster. What he has done with the workcell, along with dynamic scheduling provided by specialized software, typically took an engineer and a scientist an entire day to do manually. Now, a robot interacting with lab instruments and the scheduling software can do the same in roughly 30 seconds.

Continuous monitoring and access to the robotic workcell is another important aspect of the technology Transon developed. When he presented at the Biosero Tech Forum in 2016, he demonstrated it’s effectiveness by remotely running the workcell from the podium—and he was about 30 miles from the labs doing a live demo to a room full of technologists in the biotech and pharma space. If this biomedical engineer has a motto, it’s “automate everything.”

Says David Dambman, Director of Engineering at BioSero Inc., “Transon is one of those rare renaissance engineers, able to tackle the complicated cross disciplinary challenges that need to be overcome to bring new and innovative solutions to market. His work designing, building, and continually evolving the hardware, software, and scientific platforms that drive the lifesaving work being done at Notable Labs is truly an inspiration to his co-workers, the industry, and to anyone following the amazing Notable Labs story.”


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