ELITE Launch Expert Mark Bubany of Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mark Bubany

Senior Director Access, Pricing & Advocacy

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Maximizing Drug Coverage

Intense launches that span 18 months, 30+ projects, countless hours, and a seemingly endless number of sleepless nights may burn out some people—but not Mark Bubany. That is because he has the ability to stay calm under pressure, remain focused, and fight for his ideas while still being respected as a collaborator. Not only does this make Mark an excellent member of any launch team, it also makes him an asset to Acadia Pharmaceuticals.

As the Senior Director of Access, Pricing & Advocacy, he launched Acadia’s first drug, Nuplazid, to the payer market with grace, ease, and intense smarts. And his way of doing things gets results—Nuplazid has exceptional coverage across the nation. As if that weren’t enough, Mark also launched NUPLAZIDconnect™, the financial services hub that helps patients afford Nuplazid and HCPs get access for their patients.

The tools he created for account directors helped them explain the need for Nuplazid, so payers understood the reason it should be quickly added to their formularies. Hub materials like brochures, treatment forms, and a website were all created with patients and HCPs in mind. And for Mark, putting audience needs first is the only way to approach the work.

Whether he’s driving brand guidelines with a quick, “That white is difficult to see on the light blue—patients will have a hard time reading that,” or creating materials to address the needs of the small number of patients affected by an obscure prior authorization requirement, no detail is too small. “We do really important work,” Mark is fond of saying. “Above all, it’s about making sure patients get the drug they really need.”


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