ELITE Digital Crusader Chris Duffey of Sudler

Chris Duffey

EVP, Global Director of Creative Technology




The Relentless Pursuit of Mobile Excellence

Why is “Crusader” such a fitting title for someone like Chris? He is relentless in the pursuit of great work, believes in it, and is willing to stand by it—even in uncharted territory. From the earliest days of mobile, Chris was most excited by possibilities, particularly those created by merging mobile technology with the emerging eHealth movement.

Most recently, Chris helped lead a number of U.S. and global multichannel launches, including a first-in-class covalent BTK inhibitor—the first designated, breakthrough FDA launch for oncology. He developed an award-winning Health View app for patients with anemia, chronic kidney disease, or patients with nonmyeloid malignancies receiving immunosuppressive chemotherapy, that tracks vital health parameters allowing patients to easily share information with HCPs—and helps minimize associated treatment risks.

Business Insider and Yahoo featured Chris as one of the “Advertising industry’s leaders on the top issues, challenges, and opportunities in the fast-changing world of mobile marketing.” The Guardian included his feature, How Mobile Became Mighty in Healthcare in their Top Ten Best Healthcare Stories of the Year. And at the inaugural Cannes Lions Health Festival, Chris, along with Google, co-chaired a keynote talk about future mobile marketing trends.

And game changing ideas? Chris has them. At Cannes Lions 2015, he spoke with Kim Kardashian West about connecting with audiences through mobile gaming mechanics including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation techniques. Chris’ work focuses on the integration of creative and digital storytelling to generate relevant and memorable user journeys on mobile, wearables, and beyond.

“In healthcare,” Chris says, “challenges for the agency and the company will always be there. It’s new territory, new and emerging technology, with new issues. The key is to be nimble, focus on the goal, and figure out how to get there. I’m most proud of bringing disciplines together to create something. In a collaborative environment, we can all be stronger.”

“Sudler’s heritage is one of innovation,” Chris adds. “We’ll continue that trend, focusing not solely on the technology itself, but on what it can deliver. We have the opportunity to truly affect the global health span.” Spoken like a visionary—and a true crusader.


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