ELITE Disrupter Jeffrey Wiltrout, PhD of PDR, LLC

Jeffrey Wiltrout, PhD

Senior Vice President of Sales




A New Twist on Behavioral Marketing

To say that introducing a new twist on behavioral marketing to the pharma industry is challenging may not adequately describe the task that Jeffrey Wiltrout is spearheading at PDR, LLC. But Jeff certainly has the credentials to do it. He was specifically chosen for his 15 years of marketing and sales leadership experience within the healthcare industry from both the client and agency sides of the business—and his PhD in Psychology. Coupled with a passion for winning, these qualities led to this opportunity to disrupt the way marketers approach behavior-based campaigning to prescribers.

To develop a new product and sales strategy, Jeff chose and groomed a brand new sales team. Together, these dedicated professionals have set out to educate pharma marketers and agencies about PDR’s novel take on behavioral marketing that utilizes real-time insights into prescribing behavior to trigger messages that are delivered to laser-specific audiences, all with no intervention on the sponsor’s part.

It’s called PDR Direct: Behavior-based Communications, and adds a new dimension to the products and services offered by PDR, publisher of the Physicians’ Desk Reference® (PDR)—a standard for more than 70 years for HCPs who prescribe medications. Marketers are touching healthcare providers, educating pharmacists, and impacting the lives of patients on a daily basis. PDR’s innovative suite of tools spanning multiple delivery channels—email, print, online, EMR, mobile—puts valuable information into the right hands at the right time, from the exam room to the pharmacy counter.

PDR Direct is disruptive to today’s pharma marketing practice because messaging is based on real-time information received from its network, which includes two billion annual prescription transactions and direct access to up to 1.5 million healthcare professionals.

Under Jeff’s direction, PDR aims to make it possible for sponsors to derive more intelligent insights with increased speed to market. This approach can be implemented simply, with a set of business rules and approved content from the sponsor.


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