ELITE Creative Director Mike Hodgson of Cambridge BioMarketing

Mike Hodgson

Chief Creative Officer

Cambridge BioMarketing

Making the Agency a Work of Art

“I see our agency as a great piece of creative, except it happens to be a company,” explains Mike Hodgson, Chief Creative Officer at Cambridge BioMarketing. “It’s a living, breathing piece of performance art that changes daily. And I want it to be great!”

To say this kind of dynamic philosophy in a work environment is motivating doesn’t hold a candle to the volcanic force it really is. To meet Mike Hodgson is to be inspired by him.

Being a Chief Creative Officer encompasses more than a few roles within an agency. For Mike, one of these is acting as the executive creative director and setting the tone and tenor of the creative department. At his core, Mike just wants to make cool sh*t with good people. And under his guidance, that’s exactly what Cambridge BioMarketing does. While every brand begins with him, he ensures everyone gets involved. At Cambridge BioMarketing, Mike is a cult of personality, with all of the fanfare and none of the propaganda.

With Mike at the helm, the agency’s work and reputation as a creative shop have continually improved. Year after year, Mike has helped transform Cambridge BioMarketing from a small consultancy into a bi-coastal boutique. While it’s difficult to quantify Mike’s impact, it is evident he has helped win new business through creative pitches and by selling creative campaigns to existing clients. Cambridge BioMarketing has grown its client roster and revenue by up to 50% YoY since 2012. Assuredly, that wouldn’t have happened without Mike’s vision for the agency’s creative department.

The true breadth of jaw-dropping and jealousy-inducing creative that Mike has had a hand in is quite astonishing, spanning corporate, product, and disease awareness websites, virtual reality conference booth experiences, mobile apps, and philanthropic subway takeovers for Rare Disease Day.

“Mike is the creative compass for me and everyone at the agency,” says Alisa Shakarian, Creative Director at Cambridge BioMarketing. “He has an uncanny knack for being able to pinpoint the most interesting direction for an idea or concept to go.”


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