ELITE Sales MVP Ashik Desai of Outcome Health

Ashik Desai

EVP of Business Operations

Outcome Health

Doubling Revenue YoY

In 2016, Ashik Desai continued to prove his worth as a sales leader and why he is worthy of being named an ELITE Sales MVP once again. He increased revenue every year he has been at Outcome Health, and while he recently transitioned to a role overseeing Outcome Health’s business operations, 2016 was by far his biggest yet.

Outcome Health’s revenue figures have grown from $26M in 2014 to $63.5M in 2015 to $130M in 2016. A part of that success can be contributed to Ashik’s fast-growing sales team. What started as a four-person team in 2014 grew to 25 employees at the start of 2016, and nearly 150 today. But Ashik is not only looking to build the quantity of his sales team—he strives for quality. His key hires in 2016 include Don Butler of Oracle who is now Outcome Health’s SVP of Clinical Research Solutions as well as Jeff Kabat from Adobe and Scott Simpson from Google who are both SVPs of Life Science Solutions for Outcome Health.

In 2016, Ashik expanded his influence in pharma marketing as he helped Outcome Health partner with a top oncology product to create brand new products and revenue streams, including an in-consultation oncology support line, and a clinical trials recruitment platform, which has the potential to save billions of dollars currently wasted on ineffective clinical trials recruitment in the U.S. each year. Thanks to Ashik’s efforts, Outcome Health’s client list has grown to include approximately 80 more brands than this time last year, which means the company is working with around 180 brands from more than 50 of the top global pharmaceutical companies.

At the age of 23, Ashik was named to Crain’s “20 In Their 20s” in 2016. Throughout his young career, Ashik has consistently demonstrated the importance to the medical marketing industry of messaging to patients when they are discussing treatment options and the need for innovation in the space. In the process, he has helped changed the landscape of life science marketing. Under Ashik’s leadership, Outcome Health’s revenue doubled from 2015 to 2016, and thus far, the company is already tracking to more than double its revenue for 2017.


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