ELITE 2023 Disrupter Eden Wells of Novartis Innovative Medicines

Eden Wells

Chief Patient Experience Officer & Head of Novartis Patient Support

Novartis Innovative Medicines

A Giant Leap for Patients

Frictions across the healthcare system impact the care that patients receive, and even if they reach their healthcare provider and are prescribed a treatment the post-Rx experience can be grim. Just consider that about 30-40% of patients never get their prescribed treatment, 70% of patients are not on their prescribed therapies after 12 months, and 86% of HCP practices report administrative hurdles having increased over the last five years. But Eden Wells is reimagining the patient and practice experience with a vision to serve twice as many patients, twice as fast, with delightful experiences, for as long as patients need.

Eden is bringing that vision to life at Novartis by building and operating a consumer technology, data, and design platform called “LEAP.” This innovative platform, strategy, and approach to supporting patients and practices has, and continues to, revolutionize how patients experience Novartis’ programs and services. The work of her organization is fundamental to the strategy of the approximately $16B innovative medicines U.S. business as it reduces patient attrition and improves outcomes at scale.

Even in its nascent stages, LEAP is increasing prescription fills, shortening patient time to therapy, improving duration of adherence, and decreasing operating costs. Contrary to the industry standard, the primary approach for LEAP is that it shifts from an outsourced service model to internally owning and managing the technology roadmap, directly controlling the critical patient services technologies, and managing the operations and data that shape the post-Rx experience and certainty of patient outcomes.

“Eden has a unique ability to see opportunities that are easily missed by others, those that are often hidden in plain sight,” says Reshema Kemps-Polanco, Executive Vice President, Novartis Oncology U.S. “She is relentless when it comes to solving problems and creating new solutions in service to patients. I am grateful to work alongside her as we reimagine the patient experience at Novartis.”

In 2019, Eden was honored with the HBA Luminary award, which recognizes women who serve as role models in their companies, actively mentor and sponsor others, actively advance other women’s careers, and exhibit dedication to the healthcare industry.


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