ELITE 2022 Leader of the Future Michael Morgan of Mesmerize

Michael Morgan

Senior Vice President of Business Development


Leading Massive Growth

Michael Morgan has proved to be a leader in a myriad of areas in a short amount of time, from leading unequivocal growth within Mesmerize and a growing team to leading change in the stigma around HIV and AIDS. When Michael joined Mesmerize as the Director of Digital Business Development in 2019, he led a small team and managed point-of-care TV screens in independent pharmacies. After just two years, Michael is now leading a substantial team and expanded the patient education network to include many screens in pharmacies, doctors’ offices, community-based organizations, and clinics—resulting in over 100% year-over-year revenue growth.

COVID-19 struck in the middle of Michael’s leadership period, and he seized the opportunity to provide better patient education and health resources in underserved communities at the time by massively expanding Mesmerize’s digital network to include doctors’ offices, clinics, AIDS service organizations, and community-based organizations. He also managed to recruit 200 Community Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers, recognizing the importance of connecting underserved communities with timely and accurate COVID-19 information.

Michael’s passion is evident especially in his mission to end the stigma of HIV and help end the HIV epidemic by spreading education and awareness throughout the U.S. He has touched the lives of countless individuals and patients by connecting thousands of organizations and patients across the U.S. and strives to connect thousands more with innovation and continuous growth.

While Michael is certainly an industry leader, he takes pride in helping his own team grow along with him. The explosive growth he fostered in Mesmerize’s network forced the company to rethink its entire network operations and strategy. Michael led the transition of the company’s sales, recruitment, and operations onto one, more advanced platform, leading to a 500% increase in operational efficiencies. Constantly finding new ways to expand the impact of his leadership, Michael has recently created a coaching club at Mesmerize in which he provides employees with leadership training, supporting all those around him as he blazes a trail to future development.


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