ELITE 2022 Leader of the Future Thayer Rosenberg of Genentech

Thayer Rosenberg

Marketing Manager


A Valuable Vision

A relentless passion for what you do. A collaborative attitude. A forward-thinking vision. All qualities that make a great leader. All qualities that Thayer Rosenberg embodies through her work at Genentech.

Thayer has worked tirelessly on Ocrevus, continually updating brand strategy along with her team to keep up with a rapidly evolving multiple sclerosis treatment landscape. She has spearheaded the creation of a collection of new and updated payer resources, all of which work cohesively to tell a compelling brand story that ensures patients have access to the care they need. Among these is a value proposition, which combines clinical data, real-world evidence, and patient experience to concisely communicate the value of Ocrevus from a payer perspective. Thayer strategically developed this piece as a synthesis of many existing materials to serve as a summary and foundation for her payer approach.

Thayer is an enthusiastic collaborator, who time after time shows a great willingness to discuss options and land on the most effective solution with her teams. She is always eager to brainstorm, not just bringing ideas of her own to the table, but also engaging intently with the perspectives of the agency, other access strategy teams, and the field team. This ethos helps make her teams feel like everyone can contribute—offering ideas that often build on each other until they ultimately arrive at an effective final product.

Through all her work, Thayer remains a force of positivity, an engaging team member, and a skilled strategist for her brand’s future. She displays a keen understanding of the payer space and has worked to curate materials to push Ocrevus forward. Her dedication to individual team members, projects, and patients is not only admirable, but makes her a consistently inspiring presence to those who work alongside her.


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