ELITE 2022 Leader of the Future Leah Knotts of Xavier Creative House

Leah Knotts

Senior Account Supervisor

Xavier Creative House

Service-Centric Success Story

Having joined Xavier Creative House shortly after college graduation, Leah Knotts found her outstanding leadership skills in a unique place: managing waiters at a restaurant on the Jersey Shore. Leah believes, “Understanding the way each role fits together to contribute to the whole was vital to learning what it means to deliver great service,” and she brought this to XCH.  “Whether it is the simplest deliverable or a project that takes months to complete, we put together a team of the best of the best to elevate the clients’ solution and deliver white-glove service.”

As one of the first five employees at XCH, Leah helped build the agency from the ground up. She quickly proved herself the type of leader that garners repeat and referral business (she was a driving force behind the company’s 56% revenue increase this year). From tracking spending to ensure fair usage of diverse vendors to formalizing labor and human rights initiatives including pre-board welcome, new employee mentoring, one-on-one and CBT training, Leah’s efforts contributed to the agency’s achievement of GOLD MEDAL EcoVadis status with a corporate social responsibility score in the 98th percentile of ad firms globally.

Leah spearheaded the shift from the agency’s customer-centric core value to the more inclusive service centric. The result was enhanced engagement that embraced employees and their families and became a formula for valuing the team that meets deadline-driven deliverables in the fast-paced agency environment. Her colleagues agree that Leah epitomizes the X-Factor—a way of meeting today’s challenges with bold and evocative solutions. Lauren O’Brien said, “Leah is dedicated and goes above and beyond with all of our clients every day. I am inspired by how she is always wanting to improve and get better in everything we do.”

Leah influences everyone around her through authentic and productive communication. With her finger on the pulse of what healthcare clients need, she serves as the voice of the customer and leads the agency to deliver unmatched customer care.


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