ELITE 2021 Marketing Team Boehringer Ingelheim Payor Solutions Marketing Team

Payor Solutions Marketing Team

Boehringer Ingelheim

Agency Partner: Entrée Health

Boehringer Ingelheim Team:
Jim Hunsicker, Director, Payor Solutions Marketing
Fausto Carusone, Commercial Business Director
Brian Kasack, Associate Director, Payor Solutions Marketing
Adam Baker, Associate Director, Payor Solutions Marketing
John Joyce, Senior Associate Director, Payor Solutions Marketing
Berge Melkonian, Senior Associate Director, Payor Solutions Marketing

Entrée Health:
Sarah Hoffner, Vice President, Account Group Supervisor
Connie Karambelas, Senior Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Jack Timko, Principal
Morgan Fairclough, Senior Account Executive

Photo above: top row, left to right: Adam Baker, Berge Melkonian, and Brian Kasack. Bottom row: Fausto Carusone, Jim Hunsicker, and John Joyce.

Maximizing Formulary Access for Results

Effective formulary access pull-through can be a challenging task. Evolving payor dynamics, off-cycle contracting, and HCP practice dynamics require a very targeted approach to ensure providers understand the true access landscape of products. The Payor Solutions Marketing Team at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has spent the last few years crystalizing their approach to pull- and push-through communications and has reached success quite quickly.

One reason behind that success is the refinement and implementation of the Access Investment Maximization (AIM) process to standardize the way the organization approaches push- and pull-through in order to maximize investments in formulary access and remain competitive in key therapeutic areas. Additionally, the team was able to adapt to evolving market dynamics and not miss a beat when the field sales teams went to fully remote selling using new virtual selling tools last Spring due to COVID-19. Since the team already had a digital tool in place with their Access Messaging Platform (AMP), it allowed them to transition to virtual interactions seamlessly, including locally tailored access resources to sustain performance.

The Payor Solutions Marketing Team is comprised of individual leads for BI’s two main primary care therapeutic areas: Respiratory and Cardiovascular/Metabolic. The leads work closely with their respective account management, analytics and insights, and brand marketing teams to develop customized messaging and strategies that align to the therapeutic category and local access landscape. Over the last few years, the team has executed multiple successful pull-through campaigns across therapeutic areas in response to formulary changes and focused on push-through communications to regain formulary status for large managed care plans in the U.S. from 2018 to 2020. The team is already well on their way to success in 2021 with early results looking positive.

This team’s nimble structure and unique ability to quickly identify and capitalize on opportunities has made them an integral part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Market Access Marketing department.


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