ELITE 2021 Leader of the Future Courtney Holliday of Amgen

Courtney Holliday

Patient Access, Marketing Manager


The Patient Access Architect

Patients with heart disease or hyperlipidemia know the importance of lowering their “bad” LDL cholesterol. Sometimes, treatment with conventional statins just is not enough. The 2015 approval of Repatha® (evolocumab) was a game changer for these patients. But what happens when the treatment that a patient so desperately needs is beyond their financial reach? Enter Courtney Holliday.

Having worked at Amgen since her days as a student at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Courtney joined full time as an Associate IS Business Analyst in 2016. She made the jump to Marketing Manager in 2019, and drove several Repatha initiatives aimed at breaking down the barriers that prevent a patient from accessing their treatment.

“It’s such a pleasure working with someone like Courtney,” said Thomas Luther, Senior Marketing Manager specializing in Patient Access for Amgen. “She transitioned seamlessly to our new working environment, and her ability to put herself in the patients’ shoes and bring their experiences to the forefront is invaluable.”

The first initiative set out to increase use of the Repatha Copay Card by optimizing the program’s communications, raising awareness, and streamlining the overall patient experience. Thanks to her clear vision and all-in leadership, Courtney led the charge in revamping the program’s user experience by developing clear messaging, creating new resources to help guide the patient journey, and closing the gaps in the support continuum.

Next, Courtney led an initiative to create a Voucher Program—the first of its kind for both the brand and for Amgen as a whole—which helps patients who have experienced a heart attack leave the hospital with a free one-month supply of Repatha

Currently, Courtney serves as the Patient Access & Affordability Marketing Manager for both Repatha and Aimovig®, Amgen’s breakthrough for the preventative treatment of migraine in adults. She continues to impress her colleagues with her solutions-driven approach and steadfast focus on patients accessing the treatments they need and deserve.

“The way she approaches legacy resources, as well as the creation of new patient support tools for the brand truly makes her a force in the access space and I’m excited to see what her future holds,” Luther said.


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