ELITE 2020 Master Educator Steven Candela of Health and Wellness Partners, LLC

Steven Candela

Vice President, Scientific Director

Health and Wellness Partners, LLC

Innovating Medical Education Strategy

Steven Candela, who holds a PhD in psychology from Harvard University, has dedicated his career to the healthcare industry and improving the lives of patients through the creation of effective and engaging scientific and medical communications. His medical knowledge and insights have earned the respect of his clients, boosting HWP’s credibility and strength as a scientific agency.

As an example, Steve has been closely following the ongoing and often challenging developments within the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) market. He leveraged that knowledge to synthesize a comprehensive scientific platform and overarching messaging strategy for a client researching multiple treatments within that therapeutic space. With the encouragement of several thought leaders in dementia, Steve is working with a team to adapt that internal platform into an enduring and publicly available educational resource and primer on HWP’s evolving models of AD and the clinical implications of those models—a primer aimed at primary care clinicians and other front-line providers.

Based upon this therapeutic knowledge, Steve also collaborated with a set of well-known AD key opinion leaders to develop an innovative disease state presentation in the form of multiple TED Talks, a program that was well received at a recent major scientific congress. Testament to his commitment to medicine and patient needs, as the data in the field evolves, Steve continues to build out the messaging to support the AD conversation within the medical community.

Steve has also worked closely with a marketing client to develop an educational strategy for physicians who treat complications from a rare tumor type. With this knowledge and expertise, Steve was able to guide the client from traditional didactic presentations to more engaging one-on-one virtual discussions between experts and potential treaters, allowing for interactivity and personalized engagement. Participants were enthusiastic about the presentation format, borne out by metrics collected post-activity.

Through strategic storytelling and a passion for science and advancement of medical knowledge that ultimately translates to the patient, Steve is a strong and trusted partner, not only to HWP’s clients, but also to clinical experts looking for unique ways to learn more about advances in medicine.


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