ELITE 2022 Data Miner Jason Mo of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jason Mo

Director, IBD Analytics

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Developing a Patient Tokenization Ecosystem

Data can be overwhelming, but when properly harnessed it can tell an important story that gets to the heart of what people need and value. As the analytics lead for Entyvio, Jason Mo has been at the heart of discovering the value in data.

Since joining Takeda in 2017, he played a pivotal role in creating capabilities around a patient tokenization ecosystem that includes syndicated patient transaction data (PTD), patient services, and more recently extended tokenization to a data set that provides household demographics, psychographic, and social determinants of health (SDoH) attributes. By tokenizing syndicated PTD with this SDoH data set, the combined data enabled Jason’s team to study health equity and understand how non-clinical factors (housing stability, income, education, access to transportation, etc.) impact clinical outcomes such as adherence. The team is also looking at whether physicians may have an unconscious bias when it comes to the diagnosis.

Jason and his team also dove into the data from the past couple of years to see how COVID has impacted the patient-provider journey. They examined the impact of telemedicine and found 90% to 95% are follow-up visits and not initial consultations. Additionally, they found that even though colonoscopies overall declined due to COVID precautions, the percent of patients switching treatments following a colonoscopy increased. And when looking at adherence, they discovered that all of the therapies they examined saw a boost in patient compliance.

Beyond research, Takeda also extends the tokenization capabilities Jason helped develop for marketing activities. It’s currently used to develop customer segments and then to scale up those segments with tokenized media partners to optimize resource allocation to educate prospective patients about the benefit of Entyvio. Plus, they tokenized with a programmatic media platform to provide a media placement point of view at a patient level giving marketers even more insights into the best ways to reach patients across channels.


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