ELITE 2020 Launch Expert Alexandra Tudoran of Galderma

Alexandra Tudoran

Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing Restylane® Franchise


A Family of Launches

During Alexandra Tudoran’s tenure, Galderma has received FDA approvals for four new products and two new indications for the Restylane® family of fillers—Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Refyne, Restylane® Defyne, Restylane® Lyft for hands, and Restylane® Lyft with cannula, including print, in-office, and digital placements across the U.S.

As Galderma entered 2018, there was limited DTC budget and voice for the Restylane® brand. In the 2019 corporate-wide brand planning process, Alex championed the need to reinvigorate the brand. She proposed a new approach—highlight the full Restylane® family of fillers to appeal to a variety of consumer needs. By emphasizing innovations in product technology, decreasing consumer awareness, and the declining Restylane® brand identity with senior leadership and global executives, Alex won approval—and budget—to create the campaign and run a media pilot to prove its impact.

“She has an unwavering passion for the aesthetic consumer. She is always pushing to improve our digital capabilities and isn’t afraid to try new things,” says Alisa Lask, Vice President & General Manager, Aesthetic Business Unit at Galderma. “She brings enthusiasm and positive can-do energy to any problem or challenge.”

The resulting “Restylane® Ready” campaign, introduced XpresHAn Technology as the market-differentiating innovation for subtle, natural-looking results. Through images of real patients using multiple products in the filler line, the campaign empowers the consumer target to feel naturally beautiful and encourages her to act with a $100-off incentive offer. Alex worked closely with her internal and agency analytics teams to identify five pilot cities across the U.S. with the most growth potential and executed a four-month digital and in-office ad test.

Alex’s strong vision and dedication contributed to the campaign reaching 151% of goal impression volume with 500 million impressions and a 37% increase in visitors to RestylaneUSA.com in the five pilot markets. In less than three months, the campaign drove a 20%+ lift in new patients seeking Restylane® treatment—the largest increase for the brand in recent years. And for each year under Alex’s leadership, the brand has experienced double-digit growth—an incredible feat for a product that has been in market since 2003.


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