ELITE 2020 Tech-Know Geek Steve Jensen of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Steve Jensen

VP/Chief Technology Officer

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Tech that Improves Patients Lives

Over the past decade, technology and data have not only advanced the ways in which patients with complex diseases are diagnosed and treated, they have also transformed the patient experience. At Cardinal Health Sonexus Access & Patient Support, Steve Jensen has played a critical role in that transformation. Steve joined Sonexus in 2013, the year the patient hub was founded, and over the past seven years has provided critical leadership and guidance on how to improve the lives of patients by merging technology and innovation with healthcare.

For example, Steve spearheaded the development and launch of the Sonexus cloud-based patient engagement platform, known as ConnectSource, which was built on the Salesforce platform in partnership with Deloitte. ConnectSource has given Sonexus clients a strategic edge by offering real-time transparency into treatment trends and critical issues, thus enabling smarter decisions about how and when to engage patients and providers. Steve also led the development of Benefit Source, a real-time electronic benefits verification (eBV) and electronic prior authorization (ePA) technology solution that provides real-time data with high accuracy, while driving efficiency for manufacturers. Under Steve’s leadership, Benefit Source was built to be highly scalable, enabling benefits verifications to be performed in large batches in very short periods of time, resulting in significant time and cost savings for manufacturers, while improving speed to therapy for patients.

Most recently, in 2020, Steve worked with his team to develop a new healthcare provider platform, known as Connect Point 360, which will enable prescribing physician offices to submit BIs and PAs electronically, in a self-service model, without having to call or fax paperwork to the hub. The platform not only helps to accelerate access to therapy for patients, it also gives biopharma sponsors insights into the patient journey so they can create more effective patient interventions.

“Steve is not only a master of technology, he intimately understands the importance of helping patients navigate the healthcare system,” says Joe DePinto, President of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions. “His ability to use technology to advocate and expedite care for patients during their treatment journey makes him a significant asset to our industry.”


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