ELITE 2021 Strategist Snehal S. Katare of MedTrix Healthcare LLC

Snehal S. Katare

Head of Innovation & Strategy

MedTrix Healthcare LLC

Transformation Through Visualization

Snehal Katare is changing how medical content is visualized and communicated. In fact, his knack for developing innovative strategies in sync with future trends has been helping customers stay ahead of the curve.

After joining MedTrix in 2014 as a founding member, he soon discovered his love for the Unity platform and expanded his knowledge of 3D modelling and new-age gaming concepts. Since then, he has released several vital programs to help clients gain an edge over their competitors.

He conceptualized and developed the 3D Facial Anatomy Application, which takes medical education in facial aesthetics to the next level. Available on HoloLens and iPad devices, this medical education app uses 3D photorealistic tissue structure to change how plastic surgeons, oculofacial specialists, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians learn facial anatomy.

Launched in more than 30 countries, including the U.S., by the market leader in non-invasive facial aesthetics, this application is set to reach more than 20,000 HCPs in 2021. So far, it has resulted in 45% cost-saving per event as clients and HCPs did not need to spend thousands of dollars travelling and staying in a foreign location or spending days in a lab studying facial anatomy. Notably, the timing was perfect because HCPs benefited from virtual engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic using this application. The app is now a part of the client’s educational curriculum in developing and developed markets.

In the absence of face-to-face interactions with HCPs during the pandemic, he also guided the team in developing an AR application optimized for virtual meetings, making it possible to engage physicians with 3D AR content over Microsoft Teams. Under his guidance, MedTrix is also in the process of creating a new-age, cloud-based “one-version-suits-all” model for distributing AR apps in different languages across multiple countries.

Another ambitious project Snehal helmed is MedTrix’s proprietary product, The Patient Case Player. Using pattern-recognition AI algorithms, this HCP educational tool with a vast pool of case content is currently being piloted in Germany by an $11 billion anticancer brand. The application is integrated with the client’s global medical education portal, which has over 100,000 registered physicians.


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