ELITE 2018 Tech-Know Geek Paul Kallukaran of CMI/Compas

Paul Kallukaran

EVP, Performance Analytics and Data Sciences


Optimizing Media Spend

Data is only as good as how it’s used, and Paul Kallukaran is changing the way pharma uses its data—and doing things that seem like science fiction. Paul has shown countless pharma clients how to utilize the right data in the right ways to move their business, and how to use technology like Machine Learning to really move the needle.

While at Merck and IMS in the early days of data mining and AI, Paul was responsible for implementing analytical processes using predictive modelling, machine learning, optimization, and text mining on large and complex data sets that resulted in significant revenue gain/cost savings. Now, he continues his mission to implement the best of AI technology to the benefit of pharma at CMI/Compas.

One of his first actions when joining CMI/Compas was to begin development of Solomon, a suite of tools to aid in the planning process to right-size and efficiently spend brands’ investment, as well as to set specific exposure-, awareness-, ROI-, and revenue-based goals. For instance, initial goal setting is done by accounting for various audience, market, message, and brand factors. Then, once these goals are set, CMI/Compas’ Media Mix Channel Optimizer can optimize clients’ NPP spend against their business goals. Ultimately, this tool, along with years of media expertise and market research, enhances media plans by looking at the probability a HCP will engage with a specific media channel and the historical impact the channel has on Rx behavior. CMI/Compas is also able to project expected changes in awareness based on factors including audience size, recall, exposures, and channel investment.

“Paul has been instrumental in creating new frameworks and easy-to-use tools that provide marketers with the necessary knowledge to make decisions that will actually move the needle and impact the bottom line of brands,” says Jose Ferriera, VP, CXM and Data Management at CMI/Compas. “In the last year we have developed new methods of segmenting audiences using media consumption algorithms, optimized media campaigns based on historic ROI and promotional response models and implemented advanced techniques to answer key measurement questions from our clients.”


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