ELITE 2018 Tech-Know Geek Greg Matthews of W2O

Greg Matthews

Managing Director, Healthcare Analytics Innovation


Understanding Physicians’ Online Behavior

In 2012, Greg Matthews observed the digital healthcare transformation taking place and began to build a robust platform that provides valuable insights around the online conversations and behaviors of healthcare practitioners, patients, advocacy groups, pharma companies, and device/Dx organizations. The end result: MDigitalLife.

This proprietary analytics platform has mapped the digital footprint (social accounts, blogs, websites, etc.) of more than 871,000 health ecosystem individuals (including doctors, patients, advocacy organizations, and media). It has also cross-referenced that data with “offline” data sources such as academic publications, referrals, prescriptions, and open payments. This allows clients to track and leverage digital trends for the healthcare audiences they care about, including the evolution of topics, language, behavior, and influence. Over the last eight years, Greg has grown MDigitalLife to work with 80% of the world’s largest pharma companies including Pfizer, Sanofi, Merck, and Roche.

For the past five years, W2O has compiled the Social Oncology Project Report, an annual dissection of digital conversations about oncology. Using MDigitalLife, the 2017 Social Oncology Report was the first in-depth analysis to understand what behavioral and demographic traits set apart online physicians from their peers who have failed to adopt social media as a means of communication. Or, as Bryan Vartabedian, MD of the Texas Children’s Hospital puts it, “MDigitalLife knows more about what doctors are socially doing…than anyone in the free world.”

At W2O, Greg also provides strategic counsel to dozens of the largest healthcare companies in the world. For example, he recently worked with a large pharma company to create a new model of influence mapping, which takes into account traditional KOL metrics (journal publications, research grants, and clinical trial participation); Search Impact (numbers of references in news, search, and blogs); and Online Influence (social media influence based on reach, relevance, and resonance) to create a comprehensive analysis of an HCP’s level of influence.

Paige Bischoff from Intuitive Surgical, another client, adds: “Greg helped us create a better understanding of the online ecosystem at the intersection of health innovation and robotic-assisted surgery as well as identifying influencers and understanding our corporate reputation impact from a social perspective. We would not have been able to dissect this on our own.”


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