ELITE 2018 Creative Director Lacey Jae Christman of Carling Communications

Lacey Jae Christman

Creative Director

Carling Communications

Fostering Creative Growth

Lacey Jae Christman has been with Carling for just eight months, but her personality, style, and talents have already had a tremendous impact on the Creative department and the way this 7-year-young agency does things.

“In the few months that Lacey’s been at Carling, she’s had a huge-positive impact on the strategic, creative, and process of the agency,” explains Phuong Le, Associate Creative Director at Carling. “Even when she’s crankin’ out late nights, Lacey is always as cool as a cucumber. Her hair is always done, her nails are always joygasmic, and her leadership is contagious.”

Since leaving the New York City agency scene and taking over the day-to-day running of Carling’s Creative department, Lacey’s goal has been to foster creative collaboration that results in behavior-changing strategies that surpass client expectations. When she arrived, the Creative department consisted of a few healthcare agency veterans and many entry-level copywriters and graphic designers with little agency or pharma marketing experience. Lacey quickly assessed her team’s strengths and gradually moved people into new roles that better utilized their unique skills. She immediately set up training programs and mentoring relationships to elevate the collective knowledge base.

With her multi-agency experience, Lacey knows what “good looks like.” She works diligently to incorporate those standards at Carling as she challenges her creatives to exceed expectations, whether it’s creating a banner ad, an award submission, or a launch concept. Lacey also works closely with the Client Services team to ensure that her creatives support the strategic and creative needs of clients. She also meets regularly with the director of operations to ensure that project managers are supporting her team and vice versa.

“Lacey is one of the most dedicated and passionate Creative Directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” says Alex Cox, Art Supervisor at Carling. “She prioritizes the personal development of her creatives in addition to overhauling a growing agency’s process and running a small army of accounts with equal care and attention. To me, that is the mark of a truly great leader.”


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