2021 Pharma Choice Multichannel Gold Winner Publicis Groupe and Labcorp

Publicis Groupe and Labcorp

In Pursuit of Answers

In Pursuit of Answers was about finding a creative expression that captures the work Labcorp does every day to search out and share important health knowledge—spotlighting real team members who commit time and energy to the never-ending search for answers on behalf of patients, doctors, and drug developers everywhere.

Publicis Groupe Team Members:

Lauren DeGeorge, EVP, Client Services
Jamie Mack, VP, Account Director
Helen Jackers, Client Partner
Anna Ma Fung, VP, Operations
Ben Zumsteg, EVP, Strategy Director
Kelly Alesso, VP, Strategy Director
Myra Nussbaum, Executive Creative Director
James Allen, VP, Sr. Group Creative Director
Andrew Goldstein, VP, Sr. Group Creative Director
James Clunie, Creative Director
Carl Mallia, Creative Director
Nicole Levine, Creative Director
David Iglesias, Associate Design Director
Jacqueline Lesik, Associate Creative Director
Britt Godsell, Senior Producer
Mike Hurley, Talent Manager
Eric Schmidt, Production Manager
Tsian Beddoe, Art Director
Hayley Meyer, Copywriter
Daniel Vasquez, Design Lead
Monica Cleves, Creative Director
Jef Bontrager, Senior Brand Specialist
Becky Chaves, Director Agile Program Management


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