2021 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Gold Winner Snow Companies and Novocure

Snow Companies and Novocure

Optune Blog”

Optune is a medical device for people living with glioblastoma. Since Optune requires patients and caregivers to adjust certain routines and behaviors, they tend to find it helpful to learn how other patients are incorporating Optune into their daily lives. The blog provides easily accessible accounts of people who successfully use Optune to manage their glioblastoma.

Snow Companies Team Members:

Melissa Schap, Vice President, Client Services
Kelly Schurz, Senior Account Manager
Stacey Moyer, Project Manager
Sarabeth Varriano, Project Manager
Patrick Sanderson, Writer
Carli Woodyear, Writer
Alexa Doiron, Writer
Janet Maloney, Senior Writer Director
Megan Woodward, Writer
Amy Oates, Senior Writer
Gabrielle Rente, Creative Writer
Evgeniya Monico, Senior Editor
Colton Adrian, Editor
Alison Roy, Senior Editor
Rachel Sutherland, Senior Editor
Kristin Amrine, Senior Ambassador Manager
All the amazing Patient and Caregiver Ambassadors that worked with Snow to write their blogs

Novocure Team Members:

Jessica Cortese, Product Manager
Neha Bala, Associate Director, HCP Promotions
Nurpesh Patel, Senior Director, Brand Marketing
Neel Patel, Associate, Leadership Development Program


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