ELITE 2022 Transformational Leader Caroline Gunn of Genentech

Caroline Gunn

Marketing Team Director


Improving on a Market Leader

When something is going well, it’s instinctual to leave it alone and not upset the status quo. This applies to many things, including marketing strategy. If a brand is doing well, it can be tempting to accept that at face value. It takes a transformative leader to realize, against all easily perceived indicators, when change is needed—and that leader is Caroline Gunn.

When Caroline took the role of NeuroImmunology Marketing Team Director and Access Lead, she was joining a team with a multiple sclerosis treatment that was the market leader in the category. By all accounts, most would consider the brand to be completely successful. And while that was true, Caroline knew that to be an effective leader she couldn’t just rest on that success and needed to anticipate what could be done in the future to continue the brand’s dominance.

So she immediately took stock of current strategy and quickly led efforts to update the year-over-year strategic plan for the brand, ensuring enhanced teamwork and integration across core functions, including HEOR, pricing, and contracting. With a new competitor, and another on the horizon, she led a change in approach to continue strong relationships with organized customer stakeholders.

With a new cross-functional plan in place, Caroline quickly got to work in leading her access-focused marketing team to execute these strategies. Despite being brand new to the team herself, she was able to onboard several marketers and kept them aligned to the revised and wider Ocrevus marketing strategy, with ongoing marketing initiatives never skipping a beat.

Her transformative plan and new team have allowed for the creation of a new core payer-focused resource that unifies the approach to payer marketing, new messaging campaigns to bolster positive product discussion, greater alignment with HCP and patient-focused access/support materials, and even new technology tools to support the field’s ongoing marketing efforts.

Through all her work, Caroline’s leadership style remains calm, cool, and collected. She is an unwavering example of how to lead a brand and team to continued success.


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