2021 Pharma Choice App Bronze Winner Deutsch and Galderma

Deutsch and Galderma

Clear 90: Differin App

This Differin app started where most Deutsch creative starts, with a problem. We knew that the products efficacy was dependent on consumer adherence to use it for 90 days. To get people to commit to 90 days was also one of our biggest consumer barriers. We have found when tech meets a problem head on, we get a solution. When tech + creative meet a problem head on, that solution becomes a big idea.

Deutsch Team Members:

Account: Denise Guillet, Kristen Rincavage
Strategy: Michelle Rowley
Production: Lynn Fasano
Creative: George Decker, TJ Park
Technology: Husani Oakley, Shahzore Qureshi, Adam Smith, Charles Hailey


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