Video Mailers and Video Business Cards

A picture tells a thousand words. A well placed image on a visual marketing tool can lift a brand’s message and engage an audience. Yet, this sometimes isn’t enough to truly inform a client and push a brand over the edge. This is why Vpak integrate video technology into their marketing products. This way, a brochure, mailer or business card really can tell a thousand words through moving images and audio. Products and idea come to life as viewers of these Vpak video brochures see them in action.

Video players embedded into brochures and mailers enhance the content.

Vpak video brochures and mailers are a great way to update current marketing tools, while impressing potential clients and consumers. These products will look like a typical brochure at first, with a glossy, professional hard cover and plenty of information inside. The difference comes in the embedded video within. There is also plenty of room for customization, with different layouts, finishes and design ideas. There is also the chance to add a slip pocket for business cards, leaflets and other print media.

The same care and attention goes into the video mailers. The sleek size and designs mean that this Vpak products are still suitable for client mailing lists. The difference here is addition of the outer container for safety and clear branding.

The benefits of these video brochures are clear from Vpak’s work with major pharmaceutical companies.

This partnership with Vpak produced a clear, informative brochure on identifying and managing the needs of patients. The main focus was to talk about risk factors of allergic reactions in target demographics. The addition of the video alongside the text and images added to the understanding of doctors. It also made the brochure more engaging.

Here there was a great marriage of bold, clear images and video for a professional approach. this helped to inform users about new advancements in therapies and antibody drug conjugates. This sort of information can be quite dry and difficult to process in the wrong format. The addition of the images and audio in the video system offered a new approach to the information and explanations.

The first concern for potential clients often regards the quality of this video. But the results are impressive.

How can companies be sure that this small video device, within a thin mailer, will offer the quality and clarity desired? The answer lies in Vpak’s Tru-Def technology. It provides triple the number of pixels compared to the screen technology of rival companies. This means greater definition and contrast in these small devices, as well as wider viewing angles. This tech is unique to Vpak.

The second concern regards the power supply. Again, Vpak have the ideal solution.
This is a big concern for those that want to offer long term access to clients or patients. How can clients be sure of long-term power supplies and regular use? Many of these Vpak displays offer battery and AC power as a dual power product. These batteries have 1000 charging cycles and the products continue to be of use for more than 5 years. During those five years, it is also possible to update the video content with new features and current stats.

Continuing with the medical theme, a great example of this lies within a doctor’s office or other medical facility. The idea here is that facilities can install permanent information stands, with Vpak tech as additional aids. They can sell the benefits and features of services and products to patients. Users use the simple controls and headphone jack to listen to the information and view the video.

The idea isn’t limited to brochures and video mailers. There are also video business cards and other tools.

The Vpak video business card is arguably the most appealing option yet. This shrinks the video package down into a smaller package, with the same tools and high quality tech. The marketing benefits are the same in regard to the message and visual appeal. The added benefit here is the size and ease of use. These small video business cards can sit in a rack on a desk, on the table at a trade show and in the case of traveling reps. This means they can reach new consumers that aren’t yet on the radar, and therefore not on any mailing list.

There is the confidence from Vpak tech staff and designers that their devices are compatible with many other marketing tools. This opens up the possibility for display units and easels in stores, as well as other creative items at trade shows. The further the range expands, the greater the opportunities for clients.