Glamorous camping started as a vacation trend for those who wanted quality comfort amidst the most stunning, and otherwise harsh, natural landscapes. It is now a vacation in a class of its own, just as fancy and alluring as cruises and resorts with all the views and feel of a camping adventure. Travel companies and independent adventurers alike are setting up truly glamorous camping sites in some of the lesser known and absolutely beautiful parts of the world. The top three glamping getaways will take your breath away.

The Mirrorcube

Besides offering modern comforts, gourmet food, and some of the most stunning views of Swedish mountains, the Treehotel could be considered a work of architectural art. Multiple treehouses are nestled up high in the pines, each a more outrageous model than the next. Become invisible to the wildlife around you in the Mirrorcube, a literal cube with all walls reflecting the surrounding trees. The Mirrorcube is built for a tranquil getaway for two, but if you’re taking the kids along, you may want to stay in the UFO room. As its name implies, you’ll find a saucer-shaped alien ship in the trees, which you’ll enter via a spotlit hangar ramp. You’ll descend from your treehouse and take a stroll along the isolated Lule River to the village of Harads, which boasts a population of 600 people. At the guesthouse, you’ll be served a traditional Swedish meal in a 1930s-1950s setting by the owners of this ultra-contemporary yet environmentally focused retreat.

El Cosmico

Live out your childhood cowboy-life dream with perks including real beds and meals at El Cosmico, a glampsite in Marfa, a Southwestern desert in Texas. Stay in a Western-styled yurt, a large tent complete with wood floors, a queen bed, sofa, lighting, electrical outlet, and A/C and heat. The campers at El Cosmico step into an air of “sweet do-nothingness”—you’re encouraged to detach from the outside world and do no more than enjoy music, art, barbeques, and the surrounding desert and stars.

Camp Adounia

An even more exotic desert glamping experience? Take a few flights, then ride a camel through the Sahara to Camp Adounia. Located in the Draa Valley of the M’hamid, Sahara region, this glampground offers views of the Moroccan coast and endless sand dunes that meet skies so clear you can see the Milky Way. Gather around a campfire with Sahara nomads and eat fresh-caught fish after a swim or yoga session on an untouched African beach. Sandboard, ride a camel, or participate in a desert festival right outside your electric large tent, complete with King-size bed, electrical lighting, and other comforts.


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