The Power of Advertising, Netflix, BuzzFeed, Google, and X join The Creative Floor Awards 2024

The Creative Floor Awards Judges 2024

The Power of Advertising, Netflix, BuzzFeed, Google, and X join The Creative Floor Awards 2024

LONDON, 15 January, 2024

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2024 launches today and will celebrate the world’s best health and wellness creative, clients and agency talent. The awards continue to be the only health and wellness award show in the world to donate a percentage of profits towards a Talent & Diversity Fund. The fund has raised over £180,000.00 to date and continues to help under-represented talent into healthcare communication agencies. In its 11th year also launches brand new Sustain-able Impact, Influencer and Comedy categories.

This year the judges are a mix of the world’s best creative specialists:

Steve Hudson, The Power of Advertising

Norma Pappano, Netflix

Zaid Al-Zaidy, Above and Beyond

Emma Greenwood, BuzzFeed

Kevin Butler, Google

Franklin Williams, Area23

Sean Bone, X

Naz Nazli, Meta

Tom Richards, 21Grams

Shamel Washington, Deloitte

Rich Levy, Klick Health

Kathy Delaney, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Kathleen Nanda, FCB Health

David Stemler, CultHealth

Korrie Powell, BBH

Paul Kinsella, Havas Lynx Group

John McPartland, Ogilvy Health

Sponsors of this years award show are:

Advertising Health, ArabAd, BOOM, PM360, School of Communication Arts, The Ideas Foundation, Key4Life, The Power of Advertising and JSR.



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About The Creative Floor Awards

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards was founded in 2014 by Shaheed Peera. The aim was to help change the way award shows are run. Not only do the awards celebrate world-class creative but also agency people (various roles), clients and healthcare companies.

A proportion of profits raised go towards helping more diversity an untapped talent into health and wellness communication agencies. In 10 years the Talent Fund and Diversity has raised over £180,000. Winners of the show decide who gets the money.

To visit the site please go to:

For more information:Peter Beattie, Awards Director:


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