The 5th Annual Digital Health Summit 2014 Delivered


If conversations are a catalyst of innovation, then the Digital Health Summit 2014 nailed it in spades.

From the riveting stories of how digital health has been saving lives to breaking down opportunities with the Affordable Care Act, the summit was packed full of thought leaders, candid conversations and poignant insights around the future of digital health.

Brand building kicked off Digital Health Summit 2014 with leading experts from Shine America (Producers of The Biggest Loser), General Mills, BioBeats/Basis and Digitas Health. The provocative discussion resulted in the motto “Never Ignore Your Brand.”

E-patients grabbed the megaphone this year to talk about providing the ability for consumers to not only to have a voice in their care, but also influence policy through social media. Their stories were poignant, meaningful and inspiring.

We received a glimpse into the future of our healthcare system with our braintrust speakers from “The Digital Health Manifesto” and “The Radical Hospital.” These two panels questioned the hypotheticals and demonstrated the realities of what care can really be like in the future. Both sessions were standing room only, and when you watch the videos you’ll understand why.

Sensors are now ubiquitous in healthcare technology. Speakers from the “The Sixth Sense is Digital” and “The Bionic Man” demonstrated the beautiful and innovative technologies that are on the marketplace to make our lives simpler than ever before.

Highlights from the Digital Health Summit ( weren’t difficult to miss. People laughed, cried and cringed at what could arguably have been the best summit ever…until next year.


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