There is no doubt about it, AI has arrived! We’re featuring AI in this month’s issue as the topic can’t be ignored—generative AI is creating huge waves in the Pharma industry and it’s all we’re talking about. Yet, the word AI can bring up mixed emotions. While AI is doing astonishing things at breakneck speed, we are also unsettled as to what AI is ultimately capable of—and how it might replace what humans have been doing for decades.

There are ethical considerations around AI in Pharma, from protecting intellectual property, to providing accurate information, to programming bias, to name a few. The list of regulations and guardrails needed when using AI in our industry is only just being developed now. While we should keep this in mind, we also know that if we are to succeed from a business perspective, we can’t ignore the AI revolution. After all, there is no doubt that AI is transforming healthcare today and will continue to do so in years to come. Vaccines are being made more quickly than ever with the help of algorithms and you may have even already asked an AI-powered chatbot about a medical condition or concern. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what AI can do to help us in the industry work better and to help patients heal faster. So it is imperative to learn how to work with AI now rather than ignore it (pg 36-38) and to understand its creative role for healthcare marketers (pg 40-41).

We are taking a closer look at AI in Pharma in this special issue because we understand how vitally important it is to provide timely and actionable information to our readership. No one pulls together the biggest thinkers in our industry better than PM360, and to that point, we are focusing on AI innovations this month at SPARK 2024: The Innovation Summit. For this powerful, one-day conference, we’ve designed the discussions to give you a deep dive into the most important aspects of the AI revolution affecting our industry. Our coveted speakers are experts on the subject of AI so get your tickets now at summit-2024/ to be a part of this dynamic gathering of innovators.

Here’s a peek into the AI revolution, a preview of what is on the agenda at our SPARK Event, March 25 at Convene in New York City. We’ll see you there as we all learn how to truly thrive in the golden age of innovation!


Anna Stashower
PM360 Magazine



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