PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Professional Website/Online Initiative Silver Winner Novo Nordisk and Toolhouse

NovoMEDLINK HCP Services Hub (Novo Nordisk and Toolhouse) consolidates Novo Nordisk’s product information, educational services, and patient support materials into one easy-to-use site. It delivers data-driven, personalized experiences that drive ongoing engagement, and reduce overall spend on website maintenance.

The team at Toolhouse developed an innovative solution—one that provides more useful information than promotional content for healthcare providers. NovoMEDLINK is an online information hub for physicians seeking information about diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, and growth-related disorders.

Templated content is easy to navigate and simple for various agency partners to add to, assuring consistency across content creation providers. The site is anchored by an intuitive library that consists of PDFs, educational materials, research information, podcasts, videos, and more.

In the six months following launch, Novo Nordisk experienced a 50% increase in pages per session. Organic search rankings significantly improved due to expanded and consolidated content, and media spend has become more efficient due to cross-brand exposure.


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