PM360 2022 Innovative Service Influencer Marketing from Health Union

Influencer Marketing

Health Union

Contact Person:
Scott Schappell, Chief Revenue Officer

In life sciences, influencer marketing isn’t about influence; it’s about impact. Patient leaders don’t see themselves as “influencers.” Instead, they see themselves as making a meaningful difference. They are real people who share their experiences in a variety of ways to help others. This simple, yet poignant, insight led to the creation of Health Union’s suite of influencer marketing programs, which include three unique solutions:

1. Influencer-Powered Audiences (IPA). Created in late 2021, IPA increases brand visibility by aligning with credible and known patient leader voices and scaling the reach of a brand campaign to a patient leader’s socially active, highly engaged followers. When added to other offerings, IPAs have led to a 31% higher engagement rate and 8% higher clickthrough rate, compared to standard targeting methods.

2. Patient Insider. Launched in January 2022, Patient Insider offers exclusive brand visibility within contextually targeted content that details the emotional and relevant experiences of a patient “insider.” The detailed story, which appears as a “journal”-style feature on a Health Union community’s website, engages relevant audiences in a unique and personal way. Through real imagery of the patient leader, a video, and personally selected recommended readings that align with their health journey, marketers receive 100% share of voice within this powerful content.

3. Pharmaceutical Grade Influencer Marketing (PGIM). The most scalable offering, PGIM is effective at driving awareness through custom or turnkey content, leveraging patient leaders with extensive social reach and driving to a brand or unbranded campaign website. With the flexibility to either co-create multimedia, multichannel content, or use pre-approved content, PGIM offers brands the opportunity to be as innovative or conservative as they desire.


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