PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Persistence/Adherence Program Winner ConnectiveRx

Copay ePA (ConnectiveRx)

In an effort to combat one of the biggest barriers to medication access and adherence—prior authorization (PA)—ConnectiveRx developed and integrated a new workflow called Copay ePA into their electric prior authorization (ePA) program. When a claim is rejected by the payer due to the need for a PA, the ePA process is immediately initiated. Simultaneously, a copay buy-down process begins, allowing a brand to cover the costs of a first-fill medication and helping patients leave the pharmacy with their therapy in minutes while the PA process takes place behind the scenes. Upon approval of the PA, the patient’s commercial insurance will cover subsequent refills.

Through testing, ConnectiveRx found that their Copay ePA solution has the ability to reach an increased number of patients in comparison to competitors while driving a healthier revenue stream from subsequent refills after the first-fill buy-down. With Copay ePA, an increased percentage of patients have the ability to immediately walk away from the pharmacy with their medication in hand, supporting access and the likelihood of adherence to therapy.


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