PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Patient/Consumer Education Winner UCB and Klick Health

NAYZILAM Product Launch (UCB, Klick Health)

UCB’s “Rescue the Day” campaign brings to light an urgent, unmet need for people living with epilepsy and seizure clusters. Seizure clusters are acute episodes of consecutive seizures, generally 2+ seizures within 24 hours, which have a significant impact on both patients and caregivers. Although seizure clusters can have serious consequences, there was a lack of treatment options that could be administered easily and quickly in the moment of need.

This unmet need was answered with the launch of NAYZILAM, a nasal rescue treatment, and the first product for people living with seizure clusters in more than 15 years.

Patients were critical collaborators leading to launch success. Many companies have featured actual patients in launches before, but we sought to understand all aspects of living with seizure clusters, providing a solution that patients truly need. Our goal was an experience that would go beyond market research-driven insights, personas, and sound bites to capture patients’ lived experience.

In-depth video interviews took place in patients’ homes, and every creative articulation was vetted by patients and caregivers, in order to portray their lives as authentically as possible. These real patients and caregivers were the “talent” in the campaign.

This first-of-its-kind rescue nasal spray for seizure clusters also required thoughtful, effective tools to help ensure successful product use. Driven by the insights of actual patients and caregivers, a training kit was developed, which included a practice device made to look, feel, and function like the real spray unit in every way, and designed to create confidence in the real moment of need.


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