PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Patient/Consumer Education Winner ViiV Healthcare, Snow Companies, and Havas Tonic

ViiV Healthcare Go2Events (ViiV Healthcare, Snow Companies, Havas Tonic)

While 37 million people in the world live with HIV, there is a serious lack of awareness regarding treatment options. In partnership with Havas Tonic as the lead AOR and Snow Companies as the patient agency, ViiV launched Go2Events with the goal of engaging directly with local communities and increasing awareness about another treatment option. Further, ViiV Healthcare intended to educate the HIV community and provide an opportunity for participants to engage with other members of the HIV community and feel better connected to the resources available to them.

A total of eight live events were conducted, targeting populations with a high prevalence of HIV—two were held solely in Spanish. Before entering the program, attendees were immersed in features such as artwork crafted by people living with HIV and an exhibit showcasing the history of HIV from a cultural and medical perspective. Traditional program components included a clinical product overview, a Patient Ambassador® spokesperson who shared their personal experience, and an open and honest Q&A with the Patient Ambassador and a local AIDS service organization representative.

Together, the eight events reached nearly 600 attendees. Feedback from the events portrayed overwhelmingly positive results: 86% of attendees reported having learned something new from the program and an impressive 98% would recommend this event to others. More than 75% of attendees reported that they were encouraged to partner with their healthcare team to learn more about an HIV treatment option.


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