My Other Life with Kim Gariepy

PM360 recently spoke to Kim Gariepy, Senior Director, Mydayis Commercial Lead, Neuroscience Division at Shire, about seeking adventure in the outdoors.

PM360: So, you are an outdoor adventure seeker. What kind of activities do you enjoy?

Kim Gariepy: Everything from mountain biking to running to snowboarding in the Rockies to wake boarding on crystal lakes. If it is outside and involves a little adrenaline—sign me up!

What do you enjoy most about doing these activities?

I love to push my limit and sport is the best natural stress reliever I know—in addition to the outdoors. There is something so soothing for me to stare at the ocean or even a campfire, and I love to be surrounded by the forest during a strenuous hike. It also allows me to meet amazing people with whom I share similar passions outside of work. Plus, it re-energizes me, grounds me, and gets me more focused when I am back at the office.

Kim hiking Mt. Fitz Roy in Patagonia.

Was there anyone who inspired you or got you to take up any of these activities?

My husband and I share the same passion so it makes it even more fun to be able to do it all with him. I think we both enjoy the same activities and we don’t have to compromise because we love the same things—I feel really blessed for that.

How has your involvement in these activities evolved over the years?

As I have gained more professional responsibilities over the years, my free time is more limited. As such, I make a point to plan vacation days and trips ahead to ensure I get to continue to do all the things I love in the outdoors. I realized that if I don’t plan appropriately, time goes by so fast and I miss the chance to re-energize and enjoy the simple and fun things I love. I also make sure every experience counts and I live it in the present moment. So I select my activities more carefully and do only the ones that I truly enjoy—it brought me to hiking in Patagonia as well as all the way to the Everest Base Camp.

Kim visiting downtown Katmandu, Nepal before heading out to Everest Base Camp.

Besides outdoor adventure, is there anything else you like to do?

Travel, which pairs really well with my love for outdoor adventure, is probably my second biggest interest outside of work. I have visited more than 40 countries and many are still on my bucket list. Hopefully Peru and Morocco soon! And I feel I would be holding back if I did not inform you of my obsession with dogs, generally speaking, but more specifically my 12-year-old Pug, Capone, and 8-month-old French Bulldog, Billie Jean.

Kim and her fellow travelers cooking sweet sticky rice in bamboo sticks, which is Thailand’s equivalent of smores, at a trekking camp in Chiang Mai.

Speaking of bucket list, are there any other hobbies or interests you would like to get to at some point?

RVing is probably the next thing, and how I see myself spending my old age.


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